Our Process


Discovery meeting

Our first meeting with you is called the “discovery” and, as the name suggests, this is where we try to find out as much about you as possible. The end goal is to determine what your needs and objectives are, along with your life goals (no matter how grand), so we can tailor our advice for your specific situation.

The first meeting is also about you ‘discovering’ who we are – our background, how we work, and what we charge for our services. This is your chance to ask any questions before either of us commit to any formal engagement.

Authorise advice

After we’ve met you, we’ll give you a brief overview of our meeting and whether we think we can add value. At this point, if you are happy to proceed, you’ll officially engage us to prepare our formal recommendations by signing an initial agreement, along with agreeing to the cost of the advice to be prepared (if applicable).

Prepare advice

In this next stage, we spend a substantial amount of time collecting and collating data, in order to undertake an in-depth analysis,  then prepare our detailed Advice document which will contain our recommendations. We will also prepare any ancillary documents required to implement our advice such as application forms, rollover forms and insurance quotes.

Advice meeting

When we have completed the Advice document, we will meet with you to present the advice in person (preferably), going through the document in as much detail as you require, and giving you time to process the information. At this time, should you wish to engage us for ongoing services (which will be outlined in the Advice document), you will sign an ongoing engagement agreement.

Implement advice

After signing the authority for us to proceed with the recommendations contained in the Advice document, we then move into the implementation phase. Implementation can sometimes take up to several months, depending upon how complex your situation is. We monitor implementation through to completion and are always available for you if needed.

Review meeting

We offer a face to face review meeting at least annually to check if you are on track to meet your goals and determine if any further implementation or advice is required. Of course, we are always available to answer email or phone queries from you, however the annual meeting is a chance to do a thorough review of your circumstances.